Who is Daniel?

I’m a writer who loves journals and sharing stories that illustrate the value of self-awareness.

I spent six years raising chickens, rabbits, and dairy goats in Middle Tennessee on a 40 acre homestead.

I now live ten minutes away from the white sandy Florida beach.

I've filled 40 journals with reflections, questions, and ideas. Since 2005, I’ve launched dozens of niche websites spanning topics that include pop culture, minimalist shoes, online marketing, football, basketball, journaling, travel, and homesteading.

Useful Humans is my latest venture, showcasing the need for self-awareness to inform every effort towards personal growth and development. We each have room to grow, and I’m hoping to walk with you on this journey.

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Harnessing self-awareness to overcome limiting mindsets.


Daniel Dessinger

I help people ask better questions which lead to personal growth. And I ❤️ journaling. I'd love to help you solve a problem.